Oahu Golf Courses and Sports: Come Out and Play Hawaiian Style!

Oahu Golf Courses and Sports draws many people year around, for both casual and corporate games as well as professional, organized tournaments; Oahu is a true haven for golf enthusiasts boasting more than 40 courses.

A land of temperate weather, azure skies, tropical breezes, and beautiful flowers and greenery; what better place to play a round of golf than Oahu? And in the eyes of most people, what Hawaiian vacation would be complete without at least a few fun rounds of golf? This is an endlessly popular game that boasts millions of fans and devoted players all around the world.

At Oahu Golf Courses and Sports you will find far more than balmy breezes and sunshine. Many of these Oahu-based courses are professionally planned pro golf courses; these include the Arnold Palmer and George Fazio courses at Turtle Bay Resort. A vast array of country club courses (including those located at the Hawaii, Pearl, Royal Kunia and Waikele country clubs), resort-based golf clubs (such as the Makaha Resort and Golf Club) and beach-based courses (Ewa Beach Golf Club, for example) can be found by golf enthusiast. Standard, casual municipal links are also available; indeed, some Oahu courses have no admission fees and no requirement for registration or reservations.

Golfers of all skill levels flock to Oahu Golf Courses and Sports; not only because of the quality courses, but for the radiant tropical settings that surround most of the courses. Imagine playing a hearty game against a lovely backdrop of mountains, palm trees, azure skies and ebullient sunshine. The island of Oahu provides the ideal setting for virtually any golf game, be it casual or competitive so no need to worry about having one’s game snowed or chilled out.

Tourist not only visit for golf but for a vast variety of other enjoyable sports. Surfers, for example, flock to Oahu for both calm, personal, soul-sustaining surfing sessions and heated, fast-paced surfing competitions. Boat races like competitive sail and speed boaters stage frequent boat races in the water of Oahu.

As is the case with golf, the beauty and temperate weather of Hawaii provide an ideal backdrop for this classic summertime game even outside the water where many people enjoy playing beach volleyball on the sands of Oahu beaches.

All sports like swimming, fishing and diving are all enjoyed and celebrated regularly at the island’s many waterways in both their casual and competitive forms at places like the classic Diamond Head Crater in Oahu which is site of hiking and climbing events. Regardless of an athlete’s individual passion, he/she will find much to like about Oahu Golf Courses and Sports. Tee off today for some good competitive fun.

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