Success Factors in Creating a Corporate Marketing Online Video

Online video marketing is not the traditional way for companies to launch and promote their products and services but if you consider that YouTube alone generates about 92 billion page views monthly from 490 million users from different parts of the world, you have to review your corporate video marketing strategies.

Online corporate videos are now easier to create thanks to the continuing developments in imaging devices particularly the digital video recorders. Definitely, the technology is there. With the right content, corporate videos could be your company’s valuable marketing tool with an unlimited reach. That is, if you have created the right kind of corporate video. For instance, how-to videos are the most sought after kind of video online because viewers want free, useful information.

So, how do you create your own corporate video? Make sure that your video has the important success factors by asking yourself the following questions:

1. What is the purpose of the video?

The key purpose is the major factor that will determine the kind of video you’ll create. Is the video for the launch of a new product? Is it meant to inform potential customers how to use the product? Before making the script of your video, the purpose should be very clearly defined.

2. Who is your target audience?

Define your target customer. What is their age range, gender, lifestyle or income bracket? These are important considerations in planning your corporate video. Try to identify your project or campaign with a catchy name for easy recall.

3. Why should your target audience watch your video?

The first thing that would attract your viewers is the video’s title. Make sure that your content matches with your video title. Then, the video should be made based on your target viewers just like what the producers of movies and TV shows do. Your video will have a better chance of conveying your message effectively by using the appropriate language and manner of delivery, music, graphics and other elements of an interesting video.

4. What is your key message?

Your key message should be clearly stated otherwise the viewers will just be confused. They could be entertained but if your message was not understood, then the video was a waste of company time, money and effort. Structure your video with emphasis on your key message or your brand. Don’t make the delivery too formal as if it’s a video presentation for a corporate meeting.

Ideally, your video should last for three minutes. If you need more time, it should not exceed five minutes.

5. How will you promote the video?

After creating the video, you have to promote it so that your message reaches the widest audience possible. Here are the usual ways to promote a video:

  • On your website. Since you are promoting it, embed it on your home page, preferably in a prominent location.
  • Create a YouTube channel where you can upload and optimize the video. It’s a free and effective way to promote a video.
  • Send an email to your list
  • Create a dedicated site for your online campaign.

6. Is the video’s performance meeting your objectives?

It is a must to have a system in place to determine if the video is performing according to your expectations. For example, does it rank high in the search results? If it’s in YouTube, how many views has it accumulated? Based on the results you may modify some video marketing tactics for your current and future online marketing campaigns

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